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Full Version: xbmc connecting to mac with android mini pc
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Received my Android UG007 mini pc with bluetooth today. (Source: http://www.dx.com ) It runs great with Android 4.11 Jelly Bean!

Hooked it up to a HDMI TV loged in to the network, no problem.
Also have a USB hub with a 32 gig stick and a Keyboard and mouse dongle hooked up.
Installed a few of my favorite apps which includes xbmc
went to ad some new sources for movies that I have on some network drives. xbmc recognizes my windows shared folders no problem but had a difficult time with recognizing my 27" iMac.
Even installed SMB-up that i found on the net after reading about some incompatibility with macs and I still can't get it going.

I check my preferences on my mac with regards to file sharing and checked off the necessary check boxes and shared my movie folder.
Which works with my Boxee Box in another room. so I know sharing works.

is there something I should know about the xbmc setup that I maybe doing wrong?Huh

Would appreciate some help to finding a solution.
This will make a very inexpensive Media center

Is the Android device simply not listing the Mac file share? I believe that XBMC for Android currently lacks autodiscovery for Mac file shares (zeroconf/bonjour). If you manually put in an IP address for the Mac then it should work. Just scroll down after you select "browse" and select "new network location" and you should be able to enter the IP address and manually select SMB. Then press okay, select the new entry for the Mac and press okay again, and once more to create the video source.