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Full Version: Lost my visualization presets
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I was listening to some music on Windows 7 and the visualization presets were working fine. I selected none and now I can't get my presets back on. What do I need to do?

BTW I also need this on my Android (Jynxbox)....never had visualization there.

Using Frodo RC2 on both.

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  1. System/Settings > Music > Playback > Visualization: select desired one (presumably, MilkDrop)
  2. System/Settings > Add-ons > Enabled add-ons > Visualization > highlight your desired visualization (MilkDrop?) and open context menu ("c" on keyboard or right mouse click) > Configure > select desired preset options > click OK
Tx bro
I have gotten back the one for Windows 7 but no such luck on my Android. In System/Settings > Music > Playback > Visualization I only have OpenGL or Waveform. No milkdrop or anything else for that matter. That could just be becaust it is Android and only partially supported ATM.

Anyway to get it on Android?

Thanks again for the help.