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Full Version: Unable to change channel order
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I have successfully configured and set up Argus and XBMC to a point where I can watch live TV, view EPG data, and record TV, all on the same PC. However I'm unable to change the channel order within Channel Manager for some reason.

For example, I select one of the channels, select Move, choose final position and press enter so that a tick then appears. Now when I click either Apply Changes Now or Ok and then return to channel manager, the new order is lost.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Let me know if you need any logs as I'll figure out how to collect them and post here.

(Frodo RC2, Argus TV client 1.6.162, Argus 2.0.1, Windows 7)

Have you unchecked the option "Always use the channel order from the backend(s)" in the Live TV settings?

My advice would be to order the channels in Argus, then check the "Always use the channel order from the backend(s)". That way you don't have to order the channels on every client (if you have more than one.)
Hi Wileecoyte, thanks for your help.

Yes that option was deselected, however I would be happy to change the channel order in Argus but I couldn't figure out how from within the Argus console. I couldn't find details how to do this within their guide or forums either, so could you help explain how to do this please?
Go into the Argus TV Scheduler Console -> Channel Administration -> Channels.

There you can select a channel and move it up, down, top or bottom.

You can also sort by LCN (make sure all your channels have LCN's before doing that though Wink )
Argh, people like me should be shot! I had only been looking in the Recorder Console and hadn't even opened the Schedular Console!! Bah, daft mistake, thanks for your help!! Smile
Hmm, ok done that and the order hasn't changed to how I set it within Channels (I've double checked that the option to use backend channel order is set).

I'll have a play in the meantime.

Be sure to "Reset PVR Database" under the XBMC Live TV settings for it to take effect.
Fantastic, that did the trick, thank you wileecoyte!


I have just switched to Argus from mediaportal tv server as backend for the faster channel change. Media portal ordered the dvb-t channels using over the air LCN I think, Argus does not seem to assign LCN and checking Argus forums seems to confirm this.

So question is- are people ordering channels manually in Argus by entering an LCN for each channel in the admin tool? Is the a quicker way to get lcns into Argus ?