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Full Version: Recently Added Movies not showing up
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I am messing around with the movie db in order to have a 100% control of my media and metadata.
Therefore, I am adding movies to the db from outside XBMC by writing on the SQLite Database file.
Everything is working fine but the recently added items not being shown in the home screens (I am using XPerience skin, but I guess it is the same for other skins).
I guess the recently added item are selected according the dateadded field in the files table which is i the format "yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss".
So I added my new file with something like this in the dateadded field:

2013-01-02 15:46:02

But still they don't show up...

It's strange, but if I let XBMC to add the files by searching for new contents in my movie library they perfectly show up in the recently added and the files table records are exactly like the ones I am adding myself....

Any idea?
What am I missing?
Maybe the recently added items are extracted in a different way?

Please give me a hint Wink

Thank you,