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Full Version: Radio Stations in TV Channel Listings
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I just updated the TVHeadend PVR Addon in XBMC Frodo to the DotNetDevelopers build from 31/12/2012 and now in the TV Channels section it's showing the radio stations as well. If I choose "Radio Channels" then that's displaying correctly.

I'm using the TVHeadend Timeshift branch (Tvheadend 3.3.225~gf005cbc) checked out and built on 01/01/2013.

Any thoughts on what might be causing it? Am just about to see if I can downgrade back to the version that ships with Frodo RC2.

try to reset your PVR database. no idea why it would do that though, since nothing changed in that code in the add-on or xbmc.
I came home this evening, went into the TV listings and everything was fine. Watched the Simpsons on Live TV, went back to the listings and all the radio stations were back mixed in with the TV channels.

I then did a PVR database reset and an EPG database reset, went back into the TV listings and everything was fine. Then, as I was scrolling down the TV channels trying to find something to watch, the hour changed so the list refreshed with the latest data, took me back to the top of the TV listings and all the radio stations were back again.

Very very odd.
only thing that i can think of that can cause this is invalid data being provided by tvheadend itself
Had the same problem, but after the PVR-DB-Reset it was ok, beside one thing: one radio-channel is still in the tv-channel-list. This problem exists since some months.

My System:
Ubuntu 12.04.01 -- Linux 3.2.0-35-generic x86_64
XBMC (12.0~git20130104.1024-rc3-0precise from wsnipex repo)
TVHeadend: Build: 3.3.244~g9247faa-dirty
DVB-C: Terratec HTC USB
Motherboard+CPU: AMD E-350

The Radio-Channel which is shown in TV-List:
Radio-Regenbogen --> Service-Window
In the TVHeadend config page (localhost:9981), channels tab, check that the tags are correct. You may have "TV Channels" on a radio channel.
OK I've found the error, it was my mistake, sorry Confused

The Problem was like this: I don't know why (and how) but I mapped the Channel 2 times. One time as "Regenbogen" and a second time as "Radio Regenbogen".
The second one "Radio Regenbogen" was mapped correct, the first one not. I think TVHeadend didn't knew what to do with the first one and put it on the TV-List.

See here, Channel #106 is the failing one, #110 is the correct one.

Problem solved, thank you dnairb for pointing me into the right direction Wink
Removed the updated hts add-on, no change.
Updated to Frodo RC-3, no change.
Checkout out the latest TVHeadend timeshift branch, built and installed, all fixed.

So yes, it was a TVHeadend issue, I must have had a git checkout from a bad commit.