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Full Version: help needed with metadata
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I've just got started with xbmc after being a long term user of media browser. So far I am very happy with what I can see on xbmc with the exception of how metadata is being handled. I keep all my media on a nas, also all datat is kept in very tightly organised file structures along with metadata too. I realise this isn't needed but i'm ocd about my media after having gone through more than enough system fails over the years and having to spend hours redoing things that should of just been backed up properly.

This means I do all my metadata manually by hand or with the assistance of media centre master. The problem is a scrapper often throws things all over the place in my mind, to give an example of my current setup. The film "bad boys" I have in a folder structure in my nas like this "Movies/Action/Bad boys/Bad Boys" (the duplicate names being the first for the series and the second the film in the series, in this example two films exist). In the final folder is the video file for the film, a jpg for the cover, several more jpg for fan/background art, and finally an xml file named "movie" with all the metadata.

Under this system I never needed to run a scrapper for media browser as it simply read the data file and displayed things correctly. For some reason I cannot see if xbmc is unable to do this or if I have simply missed a setting somewhere, as such it scanned my entire movie collection and created it's own set of data from "the movie database". This resulted in some very bad matches and a general mess. In the above example I now found I didn't just have Bad Boys in an action catagory, now it was also in comedy/thriller/crime etc, some of these I don't even have listed in my personal folder structure.

Is there a way around this as currently it makes my movie collection highly disorentating to the point where I am likely to just remove xbmc instead of having to spend countless hours just redoing work I have already done?
I believe XBMC is looking for movie_name.nfo for the XML file.
If you think themoviedb has the wrong genres, it is an open database and can be corrected. In fact users are what it is all about.

Also as far as I am aware xbmc will use .nfo files with your own metadata, assuming you have the nfo in the right format and correctly named. There are details of all this in the wiki: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Video_library and many other pages.

Of course if you want to remove xbmc, that is up to you. You can even get your money back Smile
PS there are other metadata scrapers available in xbmc too.