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Full Version: [ATV] [1stGen] Advanced Launcher & Emulation
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Im so close to completing the task at hand. I have a SNES emulator on my Apple TV (which sounds like its working because i can hear the music in the background) yet XBMC doesnt seem to close correctly. Ive been researching this all night but havent really progressed.

When i launch the rom, xbmc goes into window mode but doesnt hide. All i can hear is the chrono trigger theme in the background. I tried just installing emulators frappliance and launching through finder.. but for some reason, finder wont allow it to load. XBMC and advanced launcher has been the most progressive so far. Seems like a small fix and some controller configuration and ill be on my way to the many different endings for CT=]

Thanks in advance for any help.
Some progress.. Got the emulator running full screen by using -v 4 "%ROM%"