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Full Version: TV and Radio channel with the same name.
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Recently TV538 and Radio538 has changed their name to 538.
Now I have the problem these 2 channels are mapped together. And xbmc only shows the radio version. How can I split these 2 channels to saperate one's?
See screenshot: http://z.vu/upload/tvheadend.JPG

I'm using: Tvheadend 3.2
Openelec 2.0
you must split them up in tvheadend. tvheadend's automapping will join the two channels into one when they got the same name, so you must do that manually
Thanks, but how can I do that?
I see an option to merge channels. But how can I un-merge them?
delete & recreate, tvheadend doesn't have anything to "unmerge" them
Delete was easy! Finding out how to manually add the channel again took a little bit longer.
But I only had to fill out a channel name in the services tab.
Thanks for your help!