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Full Version: Forum some times does not send email notification
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Been noticing this odd behavior a few times but never been sure if I did something wrong or anything.

For instance this thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=128896&page=18
.. I subscribe with instant email notification.

on 23/12 I received a notification about post #165
today, 3/1 I received notification about post #176

That's 11 posts over a week that did not trigger a notification. It doesn't look like the system was down because did get notified about other threads in that period. Any ideas?
Quote:There may also be other replies to this thread but you will not receive anymore notifications until you visit the board again.
at the end of every forum mail you get
I does:p Then I at least know I must visit the thread, even if the post isn't interesting, to get notified next time somebody post something. Surely somebody else must find this annoying:\
Yeah, it is kind of annoying. I recall it's been looked into to see if we can get the old behavior back from the old forum software, but I don't think a solution has been found yet.
fwiw, tapatalk always informs me what's happening, if you happen to have a smartphone.
Did somebody change the software? I've been noting the mails I receive and it's definitely sometimes sending mails even if I don't visit the forum. It seems so random.
takoi - it could be the tapatalk plugin sending out those notifications. They mess quite much with the forum internals IIRC.