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Full Version: How to install on a raspberry Pi with openelec
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How do I install refocus on a raspberry Pi running openelec 3.0 (Frodo RC2). I saw some post saying unzip over previous installation but im running a new install of openelec and don't have a previous install of refocus. also the repository doesnt work and when I choose install from zip file is says dependancies not met.

anyone that can give me clear instruction on how to install?
Don't know how this works in OpenElec exactly, but you should copy the zip to your Pi, ssh in and unzip in it $XBMC/addons/, where $XBMC is your installation folder.
If you have apache up (this is for default) just try to access to the Pi. ej. Windows key + R put \\IP OF THE PI\.xbmc\addons and copy there. Then just restart xbmc or the pi.
The other way is doing this by ssh.