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Full Version: Airplay not showing up in t
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Running Redhat EL6 and downloaded XBMC Frodo 12 src and went through the build and compiled/installed it successfully.

Now, my main purpose of using XBMC is to use Airplay on Linux in my office (as a secondary TV for the family when the primary is 'taken'). Now, I am also running 'Eden' on my WinXP box attached to my main TV (HTPC) and can use Airplay just fine - although since that is a HTPC running fullblown WinXP, I can always just fire up iTunes and such... so I don't normally run XBMC except on occasion when my son wants to use Airplay and our iPad to play a game.

Now, onto my problem. I don't have AirPlay as on option... I go into:
System -> Settings

and there is no 'Network' option (and so no option to get to enable AirPlay). I looked in Services (where is says to Configure AirPlay) and all I have is:
Remote control
SMB client

In addition, I checked that I am running avahi-daemon and it is enabled at start up. I tried restarting it (stopping/starting) then running xbmc again to no avail!

I am stumped. Not sure if I needed some option during the bootstap and/or configure steps when building.