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Full Version: Audio Setup Using Turtle Beach X41
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Hi. I currently have in progress 2 HTPC builds on the go, and I'm struggling to correctly setup the sound on one. I'm connecting the PC to my Tosh TV via HDMI using Geforce 560 and I'm not bothering to connect sound via the built in sound on the m/board. I've also got a Turtle Beach X41 with the RF unit connected to the Tosh s/pdif. Now I'm 95% sure the TV will pass through the audio signal to the 7.1 capable X41, but I'll be damned if I can get any sound to come of the headphones (or TV for that matter) unless I have the Audio Output set to analog. Anything else results in no sound, and some options stutter the video as well.

My PC runs on a Phenom II X6 1055T processor, 4GB ram and I've already mentioned the GFX.

Any suggestions on how I should get this set up or is using the analog option my best way?

Apologies for the newbish whiff of this post!