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Full Version: Change list text color
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hi there

totally new to skins, and there's one thing (amongst many) that's been bothering me no end:

i've designed a new skin for my xbmc with a relatively light background, using project mayhem as a start. now the font color had to be changed to, as was not readable (light grey on light orange!Wink.

but for the life of me i could not find where the lists text color is stored. by this i mean:
when going into my videos, the list of your shared volumes, and subsequently the lists of video files when accessing a shared volume.

i realise this is total newbie stuff and maybe for some more at its place in the comedy forum... but i really could not find this info anywhere on either the forum or the net at large.

any help much appreciated :bowdown:

no candidate ?
or alternatively, if anybody has a suggestion as to where i might find the information, i'll gladly take that too !
im an absolute skinning n00b, maybe references.xml ?
link in my sig has some info on skinning. it's not complete, as noone has taken much time to add stuff to it, unfortunately.

you want to look in references.xml for the default list control description. that should have all the tags you need. there should be 2 or 3 font descriptions and colours. there will likely be a link to this file in cvs from the xbmc skinning manual.

if you have the time, please update the manual (it's a wiki) with the info you find - even if you just right the tags that you needed that would be great - others can help improve it later.

thanks a lot, i'll try that as soon as, and will update the wiki if i find anything new.