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Full Version: [WIP] Welo v2 - a skin for XBMC
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(2013-09-06, 18:49)cdizzel99 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that with liquidskin76's blessing I will be continuing the development of Welo. I have spent quite a bit if time recently learning the skinning engine basically mods for my use and am very excited to be able to continue the great project. Right now I am working with liquidskin76 to get the status of development and all associated information. Once that is complete and I get the chance to come up to speed I will start working toward a release. I just want to thank liquidskin76 for this opportunity and also all of the work that he has done not only for this skin but xbmc in general. I hope that when I am able to release this skin it will match the vision that he has.
Good to hear. It's a great skin that I would love to use. Will be waiting patiently Cool
Awesome that this is going to be continued Smile

Big thanks to you Liquid Smile
I will be waiting as well Smile
It's a great skin Smile
I Like it

Frodo, Gatham?
(2014-01-11, 03:04)warlion Wrote: [ -> ]I Like it

Frodo, Gatham?

Hey warlion,

Gotham. Would be nuts to go Frodo with the Dark Knight around the corner!

Cheers Wink
Nice I'm looking for a Gotham skin so this will be one sweet skin thanks
Btw liquidskin76 best of the luck
Where do I download it?
This looks awesome - very excited to give it a try!
Quick update... Welo is back with me again now. Work resumes soon...
(2014-02-17, 13:01)liquidskin76 Wrote: [ -> ]Quick update... Welo is back with me again now. Work resumes soon...

Welcome back!
(2014-02-17, 13:01)liquidskin76 Wrote: [ -> ]Quick update... Welo is back with me again now. Work resumes soon...

That's good to near welcome back
One suggestion I would like to make, and this is before I try your skin but it is the same suggestion i make to all skinners. As I use addons more often than my own collection to watch moves and tv, I always ask to have quick easy customizable access to those addons. Perhaps a sub menu of Videos/Movies/TV or its menu or whatever. If I have several clicks just to get to the addon of choice, I usually move onto the next skin and its a shame because I love some really great skins, but when I make custom media center boxes for those who don't want or have knowledge of a computer, I need it retard simple. Thanks for listening and I can't wait to get this loaded and give it a spin. Thanks skinner for your hard work!
It already exists in all skins and is called Favourites.
Any download linkHuh
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