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Full Version: Skin version
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maybe a stupied question but here it is:
how do you tell the version of a skin?
what is the differance between skin version 1.3 and others?
can you convert a skin to version 1.3?

i have several skins that will not work in the latest cvs because they are not version 1.3. i would like to convert them because the skin web sites do not give a version. and the ones i have downloaded do not work.
1. the skin version is specified in skin.xml. each release of xbmc requires a certain skin version in order to guarantee compatibility. version 1.3 is the latest.

2. yes, you can update an older skin to be version 1.3 compatible. for a (short, and not necessarily up to date) list of things that need doing, see the graphical design forum for the skin version 1.3 requirements.

the process of updating a skin is not necessarily simple. you need to know a fair amount about how the skin system works.