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Full Version: EPG Timeline incorrect or empty
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Hi all,

I'm running Frode RC2 with Argus TV Server.

The EPG timeline view in XBMC is sometimes incorrect or doesn't show anything at all.

When it is incorrect it seems that a bunch of tv programs are missing and the last known tv program is used to fill the gap. creating tv programs that last 3 to 4 or more hours when it should really be 50 minutes...

When nothing is showed it is enough to switch between views to get the timeline populated again. One time I let the EPG Timeline view sit there for a while when it suddenly went blank while I was watching it. Know that I did not touch any buttons. (I think the view wanted to refresh because enough time had past)

Is anyone experiencing the same?

Also it would be nice to see an actual vertical line to indicate the current time...

I use the EPG information from the DVB-C streams for every channel. I use the default settings in Argus to get the EPG info every 10 minutes 24 hours a day.
I noticed a wrong listed tv program again just now. It's "Boder Security" on Veronica that is supposed to run from 18:05 to 19:35 then "Pawn Stars" starts until 20:30 after that "Hawaii Five-0" is shown on TV.

In XBMC I've got Border Security from 18:05 until 20:30 and after that (Channel does not give information) message. What happened to "Pawn Stars"? I checked the EPG data in Argus Scheduler Console and it is there! The correct information is available on my system it's just not picked up by XBMC. Why? I don't know but I need to find a solution for this.


It's not just the EPG Timeline view that is affected. It's all windows that use the underlaying data. The PlayList on the live tv screen shows the same incorrect information (see screenshot, notice how xbmc shows "Border Security" from 18:05 till 20:29 while the same show in the Argus Scheduler Console is from 18:05 until 19:35

Is something not configured correctly? Anyone else having issues like this?
This may sound like a stupid question, but what region do you have XBMC set to in the settings? If your time zone or region is misidentified, the guide data will do all sorts of weird things...
where are the time zone/regions settings located?

I often have a similar issue where xbmc's epg doesn't pull in a channel (or several) from argus, what's weird is that sometimes i'll just get a blank entry, but other times it'll either copy a different channel's information (ex. channel 3 and channel 6 will both say Program X, when channel 3 has program X but channel 6 has program Y) OR it'll bump all the channels up by one, so channels 1-3 are correct, but channels 4 - n contain the listings for channels 5 - n-1.

if I go to settings -> live tv -> EPG and reset the EPG database, it usually fixes the problem. but sometimes it'll still miss a channel.

also, when i make a recording, it doesn't show up in the list of recordings until I manually reset the EPG database. I am pretty sure I have XBMC set to update at a fairly high interval, like every 10 minutes. but it seems like only a manual update works.

anyone notice this, or have a solution?
In the scheduler console, you will need to map the channel to the correct guide channel. This can be somewhat a pain, the hardest part will be figuring out the channel id and which guide channel it maps. I am in USA, I first searched google for tv guide listings. I typed in my zip code and selected over the air guide listings. I would watch the channel see if I can figure out what channel it is. Once, I had it figured out, I would map it. For example, kxtl-dt would map to ABC. Once the mapping is done, you reset the epg database and you should have the correct guide entries.