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Full Version: Xbmc customization
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hey guys. i have xbmc, and wanted to know if i can change the default background picture when you highlight "my music" or "my videos" and change it to a custom picture. any tuts would be helpful.

open home.xml in the pal or pal16x9 folders (depending if you use a 16x9 or 4x3 screenmode).

there'll be image descriptions for each of the background images. change the <texture> tag to match a different filename (eg home-myvideos-rumman21.png) and then create the image and place it in the media/ subfolder (where the textures.xpr file is located).

that should be all that's needed. more info on image controls and skinning is in the online manual. see my sig for the link. please consider writing up a quick tutorial for the online manual once you've successfully done it in order to benefit others.

you are also welcome to browse my forums where we discussed this whole deal alot