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Full Version: Skip (+/- 30s) returns to Live TV
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I've had a thorough search so hope this isn't a duplicate post.

I'm loving Frodo with the integrated PVR support, particularly in combination with the power that Argus provides as the recording backend.

The issue I have while I'm watching Live TV are:
  • I can't skip back (just does a jump and ends up in the same place)
  • If I pause/play it timeslips fine, but if I then try and advance (say through an ad break) on the first button press it instantly skips to Live TV again.

Love to be told I'm doing something wrong, or that there is a simple fix!

correct me if i'm wrong but i do not believe xbmc currently supports timeshifting beyond pause/play. i always have issues with this as well.

i can timeshift in argus just fine. it seems almost like the argus buffer is different from how xbmc buffers on pause.