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Full Version: HD choppy, very slow
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XBMC is really great SW....with a stable and fast release with PVR feature for Android is my whole future solved Smile

but first please:

1) HD channels via Argus TV (probably the best featured TV server) is choppy
2) all PVR addon handling is very very slow
3) better eHome support (one-click install - eg. disable MCE and enable green button for XBMC launch)

in compared to MediaPortal client (still buggy and wish to replace it by XBMC)

just make you know Smile

thank you for your great job

Id like to move all the donation from MediaPortal to XBMC Smile

Hardware video decoding support is very limited right now, so most devices will have to use software decoding. Expect support for hardware decoding to improve with time
source : http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=XBM...ecific_FAQ
Please read the wiki about android HW acceleration thx .
Android was only mentioned........I was talking about Windows port :-)