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Full Version: TV shows, open at list, not last watched.
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Hello all.

I seem to of lost an option, i know i used to have this selected, and now i cannot find it.

I would like TV shows to open up with the list of shows every time, at the moment it re opens the last watched show folder, and so is confusing when i have guests and they are trying to use it.

This used to be an option in the skin, but i can't find this option again?

Little help??

Thank you :-)
no idea really. the button is hardcoded to take you to the tv shows list, so i can't why it wouldn't do that.

'last watched' folder? do you mean 'in progress tv shows'?

anyway, i'm gonna need a Debug Log.
- enable debug logging in xbmc & restart xbmc.
- hit the 'tv show' button on the home menu
- paste your log on xbmclogs.com
ah , sorry, i am stupidly doing this at work, not anywhere near where i can add a debug log, its not a fault as such, it is behaving correctly, just that there used to be an option to choose that everytime you went from main menu to tv shows, it would show you the list of all your shows, whereas at the moment it is opening in which ever show you were last watching before going back to main menu.
(say: Freinds,>season4 etc)
Basically, i want to be able to tell guests that if they hit the windows button on the remote (as this always takes you to the main menu) then go to tv shows, it will then always show the list of all my shows. Does this option exist? I think i may even be thinking of a former skin, in which case, could this option be added perhaps?

thank you for your help.
ah, got it.

i'm not aware of anything that's changed in the skin in this regard.
i've just checked how things worked in xbmc eden and don't see any differences to the current skin in frodo.

the only thing that matters i think, is how you navigate back to the home screen.
there's a difference between using 'escape' and 'backspace'.