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Full Version: Google Drive on XBMC
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Greetings all,

I've browsed around the forums and on google (+"google drive" +xbmc) but can't seem to find a relevant post.

Recently I've been playing with the idea of making content on my Google Drive storage available to myself and family members, similar to how Apple's iCloud service which pushes pictures to your cloud service which then are immediately available to view on your ATV.

I currently have apps that automatically take video and photos I take (and that others take) and upload them to cloud storage on Google Drive (Dropbox also has a number of apps featuring Auto Upload).

My question is, is there a way to get XBMC to view these files directly from Google Drive? I would like to be able to walk into the room and start running a video from my vacation directly, even when I don't have the device that recorded/stored it.

I'm willing to even consider switching to another mainstream cloud storage provider if that's what it takes to get it up and running.
If you can mount your Google Drive in a folder on your filesystem XBMC will be able to access it. I doubt this strategy would work on an ATV though. I don't think Google has an open API for managing your drive so it is doubtful someone will be able to make an addon for it anytime soon.
That is too bad; integration would help fill a number of the wholesale that have been cropping up. Unfortunately my XBMC install is on a SD card so there isn't really any room that I can dedicate to a local copy, especially at the risk of those folders getting too big (I have a 100GB account so I have to assume the worst possible scenario, despite how impossible it would be to fill the space with that many photos and home movies).

I may have to work something else out to get this all working...
If your photos and home videos are stored on Google Drive, can't you just view them with a web browser from wherever you are (e.g., visiting relatives/friends) as long as a web browser is available there? Even if it were possible for XBMC to access Google Drive files directly, wouldn't you need to take your XBMC device with you to the location you're visiting so they can view your files?
Usually I have friends or family at one of many houses, all of which are equipped with my XBMC boxes. On my Apple TV this was a non-issue - photos on the stream were immediately part of my screensaver - people could watch wedding or trip photos of recent events relatively effortlessly. Unfortunately, Apple TV doesn't offer a ton of features, so I replaced these with XBMC boxes.

I wouldn't use a browser as it is impractical for gathering people around either a computer or difficult to manage with a typical remote in XBMC, which is why I was hoping for a media aggregator solution.

I was also thinking it would be nice to be able to show video recordings stored with them as well, although I'm not sure how well integration would work with that, and from the sounds of things I should primarily focus on just getting photos at this point in time to roll out.

Unfortunately, the integration doesn't seem to be there yet (at least with any reasonable security features), so I kinda have to assume this goes to the back-burner.