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Full Version: HOW-TO get your addon into the official repository
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HOW-TO get your addon into the official repository

First of all, read the corresponding wiki page. It contains all the info you need:
Official_add-on_repository (wiki)

A quick summary:
  • Make sure your add-on is free, legal to distribute, open-source and contains a license file. No .pyo files or other binaries in our official repository !
  • For ease of development for both yourself and other authors who want to submit patches (bugfixes or features), try to make a git or svn repository somewhere. Github or googlecode are good choices.
  • Register with the Add-ons Mailing List. This is the place to submit your work and also the place where other authors will contact you with pull requests for translations and patches. See the wiki page for more details and/or just watch the mailing list for a day or so, to get a feeling on how things work.
  • Hack away !
For a long time we have been using a major.minor.build version scheme for all addons.
The only exception until now have been our internal addons.

Over the past weeks we have made changes to make sure all of our internal addons
comply with this x.y.z version scheme as well.

If you are going to submit your addon to the Frodo addon repo
and your addon depends on any of internal xbmc addons,
please make sure you depend on a x.y.z version.

Note: if your addon is affected by the above, it's no longer possible to submit
the exact same addon for inclusion in both Eden and Frodo repos.
The version numbers in addon.xml will have to differ.

The current versions for Frodo are as listed below:
- xbmc.addon : 12.0.0
- xbmc.core : 0.1.0
- xbmc.gui : 4.0.0
- xbmc.json : 6.0.0
- xbmc.metadata : 2.1.0
- xbmc.python : 2.1.0

you don't have to make any changes to your addon for the eden repo,
but you need a separate version for the frodo repo that uses python 2.0.0

so for eden use:
<import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.0"/>

and for frodo use:
<import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.1.0"/>
Some additional addon.xml tags are added:
Addon.xml#Optional_information (wiki)
This provide better information to the end users.

Also we would like to ask if you have multiple authors of an addon by splitting them by a pipe sign like this:
PHP Code:
<addon id="script.hello.world" name="Hello World" version="0.0.1" provider-name="Dev1, Dev2"
It would be preferred if you use the same username as on the forum.