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Full Version: I want to Marry XBMC to ITUNES - how?
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So I tried to have XBMC just use the ITUNES library on my NAS. That didn't work well.

So is there an add on so I can use ITUNES through XBMC? I see there used to be long ago but it seems busted now.

Or even through Media Center. I have software that integrates media center withe XBMC. So if there is something that lets me run ITUNES through media center, that would work as well.

Basically, I don't want to fiddle with a mouse and keyboard on my HTPC. I just want to use my remote. XBMC works fine with the remote. I just want to get the music playing.

Followup -

I see no one has an answer - at least not yet.

For Windows Media Center (WMC) there is a program called Music Bridge. It will sync the tags from the ITUNES database to the WMC database. Evidently, the ITUNE tags are are in a form that is not helpful to other databases.

Music Bridge will also create an XML worksheet with various tags. Would this be useful with XBMC? Once I have the tags in a different format for WMC, will that make them compatable to XBMC?

Music Bridge will also bring over ITUNES playlist as fixed playlist in WPC. Would that also make them available to XBMC?

The ideal situation would be for XBMC to see my ITUNES tags - particularly ratings and genres. These are the primary tags I use to create playlist.

looking for a solution to sync playcounts, playlists, ratings and such between xbmc and iTunes. i have smart playlists created based on listening behavior on both portable and local devices using iTunes, and would love to add listening behavior from XBMC into the mix...
Wow... wanting to marry the most open source and diverse media player out there, with the most restrictive and closed source media player out there...