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Full Version: Problems with recordings
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XBMC RC3 Win7 Argus TV client 1.6.162
Argus TV Backend Win7 name Intel5200

1. If a recording scheduled or directly, the new recording shows only after xbmc new started, the recordings view are not refreshed without a restart of xbmc
[Edit] I found a hint in the forum that the refresh of the recordings work if the recording button use in the sidebar

2. The direct recording with the record button works a little bit confused

-1 I press the record button in the video OSD. Message appears that record scheduled, On the backend in the Argus TV Notifier 2.0.1 the entry is set to Upcoming Recordings, then switch to Active Recordings. The view on the client don't show a red record button and also the recording label don't show.
-2 I press again the record button in the video OSD. A message appears that it recorded, the record button is red and the recording label is show. This view I expect after the first press on the record button.
-3 I press the record button in the video OSD third time. A message appears the recorded started, the record button is red, the record label is show. In the notifier the entry switch to Upcoming Recordings and then back to Active Recordings.
-4 I press the record button in the video OSD fourth time. Record ended, the record button is white and the record label is delete. In the notifieer the entry is deleted. This behavior I expect for the second press of the record button.

Debug log

Is this behavior correct?? Or is my understanding of this functionality wrong??

I have this problem too... it isn't supposed to be correct, tvheadend on linux worked for me as should be.
need further tests, hope find time to discover more
@Zippolighter, you might consider posting your issues on the Argus TV forums. You might get a better response over there...