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Full Version: Movie Library view problem
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Everything was working perfectly fine, I had fanarts behind all movies in the library. I don't know how I ended up with this, but now my movie library only shows me 40 years old virgin fanarts (+ a small one on top of the poster), rotating. Please see screen captures below.



If I use another skin everything is fine: each movie has its own fanart and poster. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Transparency, but nothing changes. Maybe there are skin setting files that remains but I don't know where to find them. (I'm on Frodo RC3 64 bits on Mac OSX 10.8)

Can anyone please tell me how I can fix this? Thanks!
disable 'extra fanart' in skin settings and see if that helps
Thanks! It fixed it!
Actually I still have the small fanart on top of each boxes.
(2013-01-12, 03:17)Vonspiel Wrote: [ -> ]Actually I still have the small fanart on top of each boxes.

that's 'extra thumbs', can be disabled in skin settings as well.
Ha ha ha! Thank you!
Ronie, thanks for your help with noodling with the details in Transparency. It's a great skin, no doubt.

I have a question related to this issue. When I turn off Extra Skins, it shows just one skin in the background, no matter what movie I'm scrolling past.

When I turn on Extra Skins, the skins change, but they just change randomly every few seconds independent of what movie I happen to have selected. They don't cycle as I scroll from movie to movie.

Is there a way to have Transparency only show the fanart of the movie I happen to have selected, and to change as I scroll through my movie library?