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Full Version: Rate Music with up/down arrows
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It seems impossible to rate music using the up/down arrows while in visualisation mode. Most other skins allow this. I suspect this is an easy fix, here is how you can add it for Xperience:

Im not entirely sure where Id put that to enable ratings in Quartz though. Anyone know?
Same here! Would like to see this so that I do not have to switch screens all the time. This is the most useful skin for me, clear and a nice "now playing" screen. Only thing that is missing is the rating in this screen. It (rating with up- and down arrow key) works, but to see the result one has to switch to the "play list" screen with either <tab> or <tab>,<space>. There you can see the rating is actually done so check your track ratings if you were pressing <up arrow> and <down arrow> many times (like I did). So, feature request! :-)

Thanks for this beautiful skin!