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Full Version: Universal Scraper - Unable to connect to remote server' on start up for one folder.
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Every time I start Eden now I get...

'Could not download information

Unable to connect to remote server
Would you like to continue scanning

This suggests there is a problem with Universal scraper, but if I 'Scan for new content', it works perfectly.

I have two movie folders both set to use Universal scraper in exactly the same way. If I change my main movie folder to 'exclude path from library updates', the error message does not appear when starting XBMC, so the problem is with that folder, but what is that problem? I can't figure this out, scraper IS working, but not for this particular folder when XBMC starts for some strange reason.

Any ideas please?
I am having this problem on Eden too, I am not using the universal scraper.

I'm not sure if it is movies or tv shows which are causing it.

The real weird thing: I have two profiles set up, with sources mapped to the same server locations, but using different libraries. One of the profiles updates fine, the other gives the error.