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Full Version: libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
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Using xbmc-20130604-249ada1-Gotham_alpha4SF-armeabi-v7a.apk

Ouya: Android 4.1.2, Ethernet
Nexus 7, Android 4.2.2, 54 Mbit/s 802.11n

Tried installing the log uploader and looked in /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files. Could not find a log file although enabling logging did display the status in the upper left.

SD, MPEG2 runs smoothly with good audio via MythTV and matching add-on.
720p and 1080p drop frames. 1080p shown as a frame rate of about 20 fps and CPU-XMBC around 220%. The latter fluctuates quite a bit.

Nexus 7:
About the same but a little worse in terms of frame rate. Could be the WiFi router that is not the greatest. SD sometimes drops frames.

Definitely better than the stock version but not quite there yet.

Similar results when using an SMB share but cannot stream VOB files, just MPEG and MP4 so far.
With the latest Build Alpha 4 on my OUYA

Streaming files perfect from my Nas on SMB file sharing 1080P 10gb+ mkv.

I think a few people having problems with smooth playback could be a router/network issue.

Only problem is skipping forward does nothing. Known issue Im presuming.

Other than that just a few random crashes, and poor keymapping on OUYA controller, yet to test a xbox360 controller that's an idea Smile

But overall for a device not released official yet, very happy.
Can someone try this test file http://dl.free.fr/gBNbZw3jP,
It's a recording of the HD channel which isnt deinterlaced with alpha 4 on my ouya.
As i dont have any log maybe it could help if someone confirms...
(2013-06-12, 13:48)robbo87 Wrote: [ -> ]I have xbmc working on my pc and laptop, and it has previously been working on this mk808b, so it's not a physical network issue from what I can tell. It's only since deleting the orginal installation and reinstalling that I've had this problem. the wifi is connected and everything, I've used the custom xaf version on android on this device aswell aswell which does work using the external player but the quality is rubbish and it won't play a some thing's like 720p films in icefilms for instance. and this isn't how it was setup previously so I'm at a bit of a loss.

1, no icefilms talk her forum rules (wiki)

2, this isnt' a libstagefright issue, so please post about it in the general Android help forum: http://forum.xbmc.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=164
I'm seeing an issue with 720p content where when libstagefright is enabled I get a green screen where the video should be.
I can hear the audio track playing but the entire video is green.
Interestingly when I enabled debug logging I no longer get the green screen, but don't see any video at all.. and xbmc crashes shortly after starting the video.

Device is an archos 80 cobolt , running ICS on a RK3066.

Logs here; http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=27567
(2013-06-17, 06:59)shlomicthailand Wrote: [ -> ]hi guys

can someone explain why this statement in the OP
* WARNING: Not for AmLogic nor Allwinner SoC's, which do not support libstagefright *

will there be support for Amlogic


Amlogic doesn't use libstagefright, but that's okay because we already have hardware decoding working for most Amlogic chipsets.
(2013-06-17, 17:23)shlomicthailand Wrote: [ -> ]can someone tell me if AmLogic mx2 (M6) is going to be supported anytime soon ?

With respect to XBMC code, there is no difference between AmLogic M1, M3 or M6 (or MX). Also AmLogic mx2 is incorrect, that is the name for the gbox device.

obviously i meant AmLogic MX (reason i asked is because J1nx has different builds for M3 and MX)

keep up the good work
J1nx has nothing to do with XBMC on Android.
(2013-06-21, 23:31)Juanjo Wrote: [ -> ]I dont mean to be rude but if you'd paid more attention to the first post, devs WILL NOT, i repeat, WILL NOT take a look UNLESS the post has a logfile attached

The 1st post is not that emphatic.

After a lot of mucking around, (had to re-root the device as the update yesterday stuffed it up), it turns out the log file is in /data/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/cache/temp/ (obtuse!).

Playback of certain h264 MKVs also show serious image corruption which will eventually sort itself out with lesser artifacts shown later after major scene changes.

Hardware: Ouya console (ARMv7 rev9, Tegra 3)
Firmware: 1.0.5 (Android 4.1.2, kernel 3.1.10)
XBMC Build: 13.0-ALPHA4 Git:20130604-249ada1 (Acceleration enabled).

Link to the debug log for both events (venetian effect when playing TS files and corrupt from an h264 MKV) : http://db.tt/MsBuoMhG

The vertical venetian effect:
This is not the Android you might know Smile
I did not want to open a new thread. I liked to know what chipset is supportet with this libstagefright.
You have a beta version alpha 4 out, but i dont find information on main thread about what chipset you base this libstagefright HW on.
Can anyone recommend me a chipset that has the best playback performance at this moment in time.
Was looking soo much forward for ouya, i believed that will be the real deal breaker. but seems like XBMC not yet ready for ouya. Now every company start making their own fork, they just cant wait for xbmc to develop a final version. I cant imagine the pressure on XBMC Team to meet every chipset and device.

There is 3 major chipset out there, which i see most people are relating to, and fall under the low budget:


I understand some of these are HW encoding possible, hence no libstagefright necessary? Please help suggesting.

For example the new RK3188 quad core chip, just available on the market now..which is properly the highest spec available on the 100USD budget? correct me if am wrong!.... anyone reviewed with the current alpha4 version ?

Please advice.
Pressure, what pressure ? Also, Amlogic is already a done deal without libstagefright. See CAMLCodec.cpp in mainline github.
Davilla, thanks for your reply.

Can you confirm that AML8726-MX is the latest amlogic chipset available right now and the AML8276-M8 is not yet available? Further that this chipset is a "done deal" which means it is not dependent on software encode ? or shall i go with Rockchip RK3188.

which one to go with:

Rockchip RK3188. vs AML8726-MX

Please elaborate, i am no techi, All i need is a chipset which works well on android as of today.
no AML8276-M8 till 4th quarter maybe. Don't know anything about Rockchip