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Full Version: [MUST READ] What should and what shout not be discussed in this forum for developers?
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This development forum is only meant for the following discussions:
  1. Discussions about development between developers about code for Android-specific features or functions of XBMC.
  2. Support for WIP/Experimental builds (must stay within the original build submission thread)

What should not be discussed here in the development forums:
  1. Requests for specific Android ports. (Any request threads will be deleted or moved as the moderator sees fit.)
  2. General purpose features which relate to XBMC in general.
  3. Generic Linux, Mac, Windows, or other Operating System questions.
  4. How to compile - if you can not manage that then this is not for you yet.
  5. Bugs, problems, or issues you do not intend to help out with fixing.

Remember, these builds are provided specifically so developers and users can work together with the ultimate goal of making vanilla XBMC for Android better. Please remember to be courteous and ALWAYS post a debug log if you have problems.