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Full Version: Argus-TV - live TV buffer problems
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Hi guys,

Having problems with Argus-Tv and XBMC. If i start watching a channel (any channel) wait a few minutes, the stream will fall behind and constantaly stop and buffer for a second and then keep doing it over and over until i pause the stream, let it buffer, then play the stream.

it's as if Argus is not buffering enough and XBMC is catching up to the end of the buffered stream too quickly.

Argus is on the SAME PC as XBMC... Not over the local network.

Keep in mind, this has to be something to do with the plugin or argus itself because i've tried MediaPortal, Nextpvr and dvbviewer and Argus is the only backend doing it.

Anyone have this issue and been able to resolve it?

i have had similar problems, but not very often. generally it's when the channel has a weak signal and the tuner cuts out a little. once it starts, i don't necessarily buffer but it looks like there's a frame-skip every few frames throwing motion off. sometimes i'll get the buffer error as described above.
lil update - I thoroughly tested the best place for my antenna. I also set the Argus plugin's configuration to 0 ms. I haven't really noticed the issue since. I do occasionally have an occasional hiccup on the feed on a weak channel, but it doesn't throw off the playback where I'm getting sticky frames or constant regular buffering
It's nothing to do with reception in my case. I have damn near perfect reception. It only happens with argus, not any other backends. Never use to happen on Eden pvr builds.
tried setting the argus plugin config to 0ms? and resetting the pvr database?

also...i don't store any database info in xbmc - everything is brought over from argus.
I'm in the "me too" camp. For me I think it has gotten worse since the full release of XBMC, It didn't happen during the three release candidates.
I've got the same problem but on a secondary pc, an iMac. Tried the suggestions above but alas no difference.
I also have this problem... except my windows laptop plays everything fine, its my mac based computers that struggle. After a minute or so, just pauses and starts to 'bufffer', except that it never does. My windows PC is playing 1080i streams without skipping a beat. Mac can't even do 576i.

Going to try MediaPortal.. Shame, I really like Argus TV. So simple.

edit: MediaPortal works 100% (although why wouldn't you include the extension installer in the standalone server install... had to install the full client + server)


Put me in the me too camp.

Just like stuntsy, this only happens on my Mac XBMC install - two Linux systems and one ios (iPad) work absolutely fine. My Mac, though, plays the first minute or so of live tv, then starts to buffer. The buffering never gets above 0%, and the stream never returns.

Interestingly, it worked absolutely fine on 12.0, though both 12.1 (which I skipped due to audio problems) and 12.2 show the problem.
I'm experiencing the Mac Live TV problem too.

Lion 10.7.5 / XBMC 12.2 / Argus TV Client 1.6.165. Plays live tv for 30 seconds, then buffers 0%, then kicks me back to the channel list.

(EDIT: Just tested with XBMC 12.0 and live TV works fine)
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No connection Angus TV client no connection how can I fix this
Hi all, just thought I'd send an update. V13 Gotham now installed on mac.... No more problem. Yay!

Is anyone still having a problem?