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Full Version: FRODO RC3 Ubuntu 12.04 Import Music DB to Library does not update MySQL DB
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I am looking at options to move to a new MySQL server. I exported both my video and Music libraries to single files. Then changes the MySQL server ip in advanced settings. On restart XBMC creates 2 new emppty DB's on the MYSQL server. MyMusic32 and MyVideos75. I then imported the video library (which took an age) and it successfully created the MySQL db entries and everything looked as normal (as before the MySQL server move) Thumbnails, artwork, watchedstatus, etc. I do have to say that thumbnails seem to take longer to load even though they are now local as opposed to shared via the NAS server!

However on importing the Music library nothing is created in the MySQL DB. The data is all there in the XML file but does not get written to the MYSQL DB. Therefore no Library option in Music as the library is empty in the MySQL DB.

The only option to get back the music library at this point would seem to be to rescan all the music!!!! Not an option I want as it will take all night (last time took 9hours a long time ago)

Any suggestions welcome.

I have the same problem but I'm running on Windows 7