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Full Version: Using Frodo nodes and MySQL?
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A quick question I'm hoping someone can help me validate a setup I'd like to try:

I have two different shares on my nas, one for regular movies, and one for kid movies. I would like to use the new nodes feature in Frodo to create a separate sub menu for each that filters based on path. I have to different xbmc devices (atv2, and a Zbox htpc) so I'm planning on creating the config on one, and coping it to the other. I would also like to implement the MySQL approach for the database so I can keep them in sync. Has anyone tried this configuration, if so any tips or pointers I should be aware of?
Was thinking about trying to change my config this weekend. I'd love any tips/thoughts before I get started.

Well, they're basically like smart playlists. I guess you could use pathsubs to keep them in sync between machines, or just copy them over to each one.