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Full Version: Frodo Version
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For anyone that's interested, I have managed to change the dependancies of this skin to work with Frodo. This will be the only changes made to this skin, by me.

All I have done is take the last build and made it compatible with Frodo - I take no responsibility if this destroy's your system or sanity, it was purely done for my own requirements - just love this skin and xbmc without it just wasn't eh!!! xbmc.

There will be no additions, or amendments, or requests fulfilled, just thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone else wanted it.


Sorry folks taken down link need to carry out some more testing - skin not acting as it should.
Just out of curiosoty, what version of Simplicity did you use? Did you start with the Eden version I modified?
No mate just the last git commit - I think will check and get confirm.
If that's the case, you'll need to change a lot more dependencies than using the Eden version. I might be wrong though.
Cheers mate - yeah. Got everything to display (with the exception of logos - which thankfully I don't use, I'm a Poster Slide and Episode Slide man), but can't get it to scrape - any ideas?

Will try with your build see how I get on.
steelman1991 - Did you ever get it to scrape? Having issues scraping local data..
Frodo version is available in the official repo.