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Full Version: DVD and some video in fast forward with no sound!
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Until recently I was able to play DVDs in XBMC on Fedora 18 with all the latest updates applied. Now it plays in fast forward with no audio. I have a couple of new videos I added the other day as well, and they do the same thing (AVI files).

Fedora 18 has Frodo RC3, which I just installed.

Any ideas what's wrong?
Full debug log
Check your sound-settings. A friend of mine changed sound-output accidentally to hdmi and had the same problem like you. after switching back to analog-stereo everything was ok.
Well, I turned off all the advanced settings like Dolby and it stopped doing it. I have to go through HDMI because it's connected to the telly.

Thanks so much for the tip!
Yourtelly is most unlikely to decode dts or ac3 audio