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Full Version: How to access media library accross Internet?
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Hi all.

First off thanks for a fab product in XBMC, and for all the hard work the dev's put in Cool

Now to my question, I have tried searching, but have not found what im looking for..

I have a fast internet connection at home, ~70Mb/sec down and 13Mb/sec up. Is it poss for me to access my media library at home (stored on NAS), accross the internet to another instance of XBMC, and stream the content to that PC?

Any pointers on if/how i can do this would be great.


Was just searching for a similar thing, but all i wish for is to see if i can access just the library lists (webserver addon) from other places other than home using localhost.
Its called webdav or http server. XBMC can access those types of exports.

I've forwarded my NFS port before and mounted the folder just like a local server. Worked seamlessly.