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Full Version: XBMC crashes on startup, after recent updates ArchLinux
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Good day, after the last update was falling at the start of XBMC, stood version of git, after the fall of the stable set repository fall did not stop.
CrashLog looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1540514/
CrashLog c git version with debug: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1540603/
XBMC starts with the system:

[htpc @ dga-htpc ~] $ cat / home / htpc / .xinitrc
exec / usr / bin / xbmc-standalone

[htpc @ dga-htpc ~] $ cat / home / htpc / .bash_profile
# ~ /. Bash_profile

[[-F ~ /. Bashrc]] &&. ~ /. bashrc
[[-Z $ DISPLAY && $ XDG_VTNR-eq 1]] && exec startx
Can the user that runs XBMC rights which was not enough? run as htpc.
Directory ~ /. Xbmc removed.
xbmc does not find your database. remove ~/.xbmc and try again
Removed several times to 10 times helped)), how about this error?

12:35:53 T: 140670838171584 ERROR: GLX: Same window as before, refreshing context
not an error, you can ignore that