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Full Version: New Forum Section "Library: Structure, Presentation, Customization, Administration"
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I kindly ask the moderators to consider the practicality of collecting everything library related under a single section (or sub-section) of this forum.

IMO the following issues must be collected under a common heading:

  1. Metadata - schema design: What information is useful for each particular media file type?
  2. Database (SQL) design.
  3. Database design: optimal normalization of tables.
  4. Mapping of database fields/tables to NFO files tags.
  5. Editing and customizing the database and (correspondingly) the NFO schemata.
  6. Usability: when to use and when not to use genres, sets, tags.
  7. Database editors and database managers. (I suggest that discussion of those tools be moved from the section Supplementary Tools here --- in practice, they are library-only managers.)
  8. Directly adding to the database sans scrapers.
  9. Modifying the view nodes to reflect any customization of the database, especially the addition of new fields/tables/NFO tags.
  10. Concomitant modifications of the media info view(s) of skins.
  11. Optimal use of smart playlists.
  12. Add more functionality to playlists (e.g., mix movies, tvshows and generic videos under videos).
  13. Database redesign: open forum.
  14. Functionality comparison with alternative media managers and forks (e.g. Plex).
  15. Should library mode be merged with file mode? Is file mode as currently exists satisfactory?
  16. Reduce Internet scraping to the minimum optimal.
  17. Enable non-scraping Internet lookups (e.g. to YouTube or Wikipedia or even directly to metadata sites) from within the library mode context menu. (A constant prob;em with metadata sites is that they get redesigned to block scraping; but they do not object to non-scraping lookups).

The enumeration is not suggestive of rank of importance, I just jotted down what crossed my mind.

Whether the title "Library: Structure, Presentation, Customization, Administration" is functional, is naturally open to debate.

(2013-01-18, 00:04)artrafael Wrote: [ -> ]Wiki

Agree - > Wiki
Doing this one the forum is totally and utterly useless except for discussion. Everything must go to the the wiki pages.
Thanks Martijn and sorry, I forgot.