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Full Version: Home menu with Icons
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I liked this Transparency skin very much, but thought it will be good if we can have icon view in the home menu.
Guys any such option exists for this skin?

I have gone through the xmls, but not able to get where to modify...
Any thoughts on this?
nope, there's no such option n the skin.

it would take quite a bit of work to add it.
if you want to dig through the code, Includes-Home.xml is where it's at.
I'm doing something like this myself

In Includes_Home.xml I replaced all three <posx>12</posx> with <posx>65</posx> This moves the menu and the shadows to the right. It does nothing to the submenu. Then i just made a photoshop model with all the backgrounds i use +icons. This obv is just a test but its a 50/50 if I'll finish it or not.

Icons I used here is Blawb from: deviantART so thanks to him

This is not a fast and smooth way to do it if you are changing your backgrounds often, but still something. Cheers Wink
Thanks guys for ur initial tip to start with...

Hey "Facebook" I liked your idea, but as you mentioned its not a ful work na, so i want to try out in a full manner.

I've added the below lines in the Includes_Home.xml under the tag

<B><control type="list" id="5040">
<orientation>vertical</orientation> </B>

<control type="image">
<description>Home screen icon</description>
<texture border="5" flipy="true" flipx="false">special://skin/backgrounds/videos.jpg</texture>

But the problem here is same Image is getting reflected as icons for all the elements, I'm not finding a way to make each item to have its own icons.

And also my home menu contains some custom_menu items, so will their existence requires any more additional changes. Please help me in this regard.
Hi Ronie,

I guess i'm almost there, but i'm not able to proceed further.

Currently what comes to my mind is that i should build a fresh Textures.xbt, but when i'm trying to build a new one with TexturePacker.exe on linux its giving some issues. I'm working on fixing the same.

Could u give me a way which will make me get my favorite custom icons for each home menu items( Info - I've changed the buttons to labels).

'fraid not mate.

i don't have the time to help each of you with your custom skin mods.