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Full Version: Boblight-x11 equivalent for Windows?
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Hey all,

I'm looking for a windows equivalent of boblight-x11, preferably compatible with adalight's lightstream.pde, so I can use my ambient lighting for music visualizations in xbmc and fullscreen 3d games such as borderlands2 :-) I've done some Googling and I've seen a few posts where people have compiled boblight for Windows, but I get the impression that it's boblightd to be used with the boblight addon in Windows. (I can run boblightd on my router so that isn't a problem)

From what I've read it doesn't look hopeful due to the way windows works, but I'd though I'dask incase ssomeone e knows of a way to do this.

Thanks in advance!
Take a look at LightPack : http://code.google.com/p/light-pack/
Latest version also supports adalight
Cool, thanks for the pointer. Hopefully my leds will come this week so i can try it out. Have you used it much with fullscreen 3d games?