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Full Version: Air by date scraping issue
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I'm having issues in Frodo with air-by-date shows. I'll use the Daily Show as an example. Sickbeard downloads the Daily Show for me, and it's set to air by date. The show does have seasons and episode numbers, but it's uploaded with the date in the filename instead of the episode number, so it's an air-by-date show. SB saves the show with its date in the file name. It also creates a corresponding NFO file, which contains both the air date and the season and episode number.

XBMC then picks up the file. On Eden, it would be placed in the correct season. Eden also realised somehow that it was an air-by-date show, and would actually display the airdate instead of the episode number within the season.

Frodo works differently. It seems to pick up some information about the file, but it doesn't end up in the right season folder. New episodes either end up in "Season -1" or in no season folder at all -- they're only accessible through "all episodes". If I trigger a manual refresh from within XBMC, and ask it to rescrape the episode from the Internet, all information is picked up correctly and the file ends up in the correct place. The question is: why is XBMC not picking up the correct information the first time? If the NFO file is present, will XBMC use it, or attempt to scrape anyway?
I am having the exact same problems and have yet to find a solution. No such luck so far.
I changed SB's config so that air-by-date shows are no longer named differently -- so although the files it finds have the dates in them, when it post-processes them, they get a season and episode number in the file name. This has no effect on the NFO file. Now XBMC seems completely happy with them. More than that, as soon as an episode of one of these shows is downloaded with the episode number in the file name, XBMC seems to fix all of the previous episodes in the show. So, again with the Daily Show as an example, I had episodes going back to mid-2012, all named with the airdate in the filename, and the episode number in the NFO file. XBMC didn't pick up the episode number until I manually refreshed the information. After the change, when the next episode of the Daily Show downloaded, and was saved with the episode number in the file name, XBMC went back and picked up the episode numbers of all the old Daily Show episodes, even though they still had air-by-date filenames. Another show, whose next episode has not downloaded yet, is still missing this information. If I check the DB manually, episode and season number are both set to -1. This feels kind of like a bug to me. I guess I'll be able to confirm the next time this happens, but I would recommend changing your Sickbeard configuration.
Worked for me. Just unchecked custom air by date under the config/postprocessing/naming section. Thanks! Initially, I did see the Season -1 in XBMC, but once I cleaned the library, that went away.
I've got the same problem, in fact I think i was the first to post on this in the sickbeard forums (http://sickbeard.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6334).

Right now I have XBMC Meta Data generation in sickbeard disabled, so for every new file XBMC finds it does its own scraping, which works. But ideally I'd like Sickbeard to continue generating the NFO file. Switching off the air-by-date flag in Sickbeard doesn't seem to be a proper solution for this to me, and I also don't want Sickbeard to start saving these files with Season/Episode numbers in the file names. I want the air date in there!

For me this (mis)behavior seems to have started around January 10, when I think I upgraded to Frodo RC2. I upgraded to RC3 on Jan 18, but am still having the same issue.