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Full Version: Plex Displaying Tracknumber in Title
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I am streaming music using the Plex add-on. I am also scrobbling tracks to last.fm. When I play songs, the tracknumber is located in the title. The ID3 tags DO NOT have the tracknumbers in the title, so it is either xbmc or plex doing it.

The only problem I have, is when a track scrobbles to last.fm, the title contains the tracknumber. Here are some examples...

You can see how the tracknumber is included in the title for the artist Big Blood in my recent tracks.

And in this screenshot you can see how xbmc is reading the tracknumber in the title as well.

Does anybody know how to fix this? I could care less how tracks are displayed in xbmc, I just want them to scrobble properly. Thanks.

also, this does not happen when I play local music in the library.