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Full Version: Movie Scrapper messed up with accents in titles
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For a certain time now, the movies scrapper has problems with accents in the movies titles : each accent and special characters are replaced by their url-encoded utf-8 code, for example, é are replaced by é

Note that this happens only during scrape, if I edit the movie title manualy, I am able to correct the accents (but I don't want to do that for all my movies).

Interestingly, the scraper has no problem with the other fields fetched from internet (ie, the actors with actents in their names are scraped without problem).

I'm using xbmc 11.0 with ubuntu 12.04. This problem occured with both scrapers "IMDb" and "Universal Scraper" (configured to fetch infos from IMDB)

Any help would be much apreciated.


0. Welcome to the XBMC forums
1. How about an example movie title with the affected problem?
2. How about a debug log?
3. How about posting the issue in the thread of the respective scraper?
4. IMDb scraper doesn't exist

0. Thank you.
1. For example : "La cité de la peur" becomes "La cit&%XE9; de la peur".
2. Sorry, I forgot that. I will comply with 3. and add it to the corresponding thread.
3. Maybe I'm too new to this forum, I thought having one seperate thread for each bugs would be better (IMHO, it is better for future visitor googling a problem they have). Furthermore, I'm having this problem with 2 different scrapers, which lead me to think that the problem is not specific to one particular scraper and should be dealt globally.
4. http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add-on:IMDb (alright, there is a big pink deprecated warning box, but it doen't means the scraper doesn't exist).
Hi Jardi,
Did you find any solution with this bug ? Because I have the same one Sad
I tryed every Scrapper i found...
It looks like it's related also to the place where are the sources. Mines are on a NAS and I get there via samba...
It's really annoying Sad