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Full Version: Can't download?
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Greetings from a Newbie!

I have just made my first MediaPlayer based on a leftover Aopen/Ununtu12.04 and XBMC.
I had to start all over again several times - but after a week - ITS RUNNING SMOOTH :-)

I only have one issue, or actually two, but they are related - I think!:
I cant "install" a new skin - when I chose the skin, I did try several, it goes "Downloading 0%" and freezes - after 10-15 secs it "un-freezes" - but there is no new skin?
and its the same with the XBMC Sub add-on?

The box is connected to the internet - all my mkv's has media info and rating from the scraper!

What am I doing wrong?

Cheers - and thanks in advance!
What about downloading the skins manually and install them via "install from zip-file"?

Maybe this is also possible for every add-on

If you have the setting "Use an HTTP proxy to access the internet" enabled, try disabling it.
Eden: System/Settings > Network > Internet access
Frodo: System/Settings > System > Internet access
@ David1977, I'll give it a try - Thanks!
@ artrafael: Its not enabled - thanks anyway!