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Full Version: "Tuning Failed!"
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I'm having the exact same problems as are described here - http://www.argus-tv.com/forum/viewtopic....18&p=26710 -

Quote:Following the instructions of the wiki, I go in the recorder to "Status" and can select any of the channels and it records them absolutely perfect.

When I go to the Scheduler to try watching them in LiveTV, I get "Failed to tune to channel." Same for XBMC ("Tuning failed.")

"Christoph21x"'s suggestion of removing duplicate / invalid channels doesn't help (I don't have any such channels. All looks fine.)

I signed up for an argustv forum account, activated it, but still can't login, so I'm posting this here.
I suggest following the steps under card settings in the wiki document. http://www.argus-tv.com/wiki/index.php?title=HDHomeRun. I was having a similiar problem for exactly 1 channel. After following the steps, I am not having the problem anymore.
Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, I tried all that and it didn't work. No change in behaviour.
Just got it now.

What I'd done wrong was setting my timeshift & recordings directories to be directories outside of a windows share. Obviously they have to be sharable for Argus TV to work.

Pity there wasn't a more informative error message, though...
Sweet, good to know. Glad you got your issue resolved.