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Full Version: alternate movie scraper
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I just added 80ish movies to my library and can't cet any info scraped. I have TMDB, UNIVERSAL, & Rotton Tomatoes enabled but all my movies have no metadata. they all have the generic DVD cover as art and are named DVD. WHAT did i do wrong? I have done the conf for the scrapers and pointed them away from IMDB but nothing helped.

running xbmc in a linux distro.

thanks to all
You may have those scrapers installed, but exactly *which* scraper do you have selected for scanning your movie files? Videos > Files, locate your movie folder, open its context menu ("c" on keyboard or right mouse click), select "Change content". On the "Set content" page, do you have "Movies" selected as the content type for your directory and what do you have selected as the scraper?
I'll have to double check. On the source folder i thougt i set content correctly. Adding a 2nd 2T hdd later, pulling all content off the NAS b4 setting up a mirror. Does it matter how many scrapers are enabled? What are the most reliable for tv,movies, & music?

Each source can have its content set to use a single scraper. In other words, you can use multiple scrapers, but each source can only use one.
I would love to have multiple scrapers, that way if first fail to find movie, second could do the job. Universal has a few but predefined so it isn't an option
Universal Movie scraper works well for me.