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Full Version: Can't boot from Intel/nVidia 12 RC3 CD
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shifting away from windows for my XBMC unit

remembered why i used windows the first time: 10 and 11 require jumping through flaming hoops to figure out Geforce 210 HDMI audio

fought with XBMCbuntu 11 for a while tonight trying to get audio, no headway. moved on to 12 RC3, as some of the 'workaround' fixes i found in searches were "screw it, use frodo, it has audio engine."

but, that PC won't even boot from RC3 or RC2 discs. AMD CPU, nVidia nForce motherboard (gigabyte m61), PNY G210 GPU

spits out a boot failure, insert boot disk etc etc

checked md5 hashes, burned CDs from other PCs, and booted from the CDs on other PCs, but this one won't.

still boots from Eden XBMCbuntu discs.

trying to put 12 RC3 on a USB drive to see how that goes, wish me luck.
FWIW, wouldn't boot from USB either
fun times

since XBMCbuntu 11 was entirely bootable on this system, i mixed and matched

opened 11 and 12RC3 each in separate PowerISO instances in windows. deleted the .disk, casper, and preseed directories from the 11 iso, but left the isolinux directory and whatever it is that makes it bootable

copied .disk, casper, and preseed from 12RC3 to 11, saved it as MUTANT.iso, burned

install just finished on the mentioned computer

good news, audio really does work better on the geforce 210/20/40 right out the box with 12RC3
good work, nice troubleshooting/hacking!

would be interesting to diff the isolinux directories to see what changed.