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Full Version: Frodo and IOS XbmcRemote
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Hi! I've just updated my Eden v11 with Frodo (first beta, then rc3), but I always have a big problem. During the movie in Eden v11 I can forward/rewind the movie using "Remote Control" page, and the arrow keys on XbmcRemote app on IOS. With v12 I cannot use those keys, but I must use the slowly forward/rewind button..
Some tips to restore or fix that problem?

Cheers and sorry for my worst English...
the remote app needs to be updated for frodo. I would use the official xbmc remote app in the appstore. It beats xbmcremote by miles, is free, is compatible with frodo, is maintained by team xbmc...
Yeah, of course, I say Official Xbmc Remote (some weeks ago they changed icon)
That app seems not updated correctly for frodo release.
Then you should post your issue here:

Just doing now Big Grin