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Full Version: Regarding Airplay...
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Airplay from the ipad works fine until turning airplay off. The xbmc is like still connected and does't let me reconnect, i have to reboot. This doesn't happen for example using airfoil from another pc.

What i would like to know if users with x86 linux suffer the same, because i'm using a pivos box and i don't know if i should report it here or over there.

IOS 5 and 6
What are you airplaying (video, photo, audio) and where do you turn off airplay (on xbmc site or just stopping playback at the device).

Also which version of pivos do you use (date/name of the image).

Also a debug log (wiki) is needed.
i'm airplaying audio and it happens when turning it off from the device.
i've been having this issue since ever, but right now i'm using a pivos M1 linux 01/20/13 build

this is the log of me starting, stoping and trying (with no success) to start again airplay from ipad.

what i noticed is that there is no "AIRTUNES: AirPlay not running - stopping player" which does happen when using something like airfoil.