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Full Version: Output to all speakers → DPL2 decoding?
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I'm setting up a system with Frodo RC3, and I see there is an option to “output stereo to all speakers”. Does this perhaps do Dolby Pro Logic decoding, or is it just a straight channel copy from front to back (and average the center channel? what about LFE?) From my testing and from what little discussion I could find, it sounds like it's not doing DPL2 at least.

My motivation is that it's a little tricky to rely on my receiver to detect how many channels are playing and switch between DPL2 and 5.1 sound... it does seem to work if I leave it in DPL2 mode but then actually start playing 5.1 audio it'll temporarily kick up to 5.1 and then fall back to DPL2. But it also has a couple fancy "enhancement" modes for equalization and effects and I'd like to be able to select this myself. If XBMC could decode the DPL2 into the 5.1 streams, then the receiver would always see 5.1 audio and I wouldn't have to let it switch around.

This seems a natural use of something like "output stereo to all speakers", to have XBMC apply DPL2 processing to stereo audio so output is always 5.1 (obviously "real" 5.1 audio is passed as normal). Is there a way to do that?
Not at this time no - if you want DPL2 processing the receiver should do it. XBMC doesn;t.