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Full Version: LCNs and channel order
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I have just switched to Argus from mediaportal tv server as backend for the faster channel change. Media portal ordered the dvb-t channels using over the air LCN I think, Argus does not seem to assign LCN and checking Argus forums seems to confirm this.

So question is- are people ordering channels manually in Argus by entering an LCN for each channel in the admin tool? Is the a quicker way to get lcns into Argus ?

Yes I manually add the lcns
use epg collector and enable the tag with lcn option,

the only problem is that epg will grab epg for everything and populate your argus schedule with every single channel.

there are ways around this with exclusions etc.... personally i found another ini file online and modded it for my setup.

so now i get the epg from epg collector, pull it into argus and it assigns lcn's to my channels then i bind my services to those channels.
From what I can tell, the scheduling software is not bringing in the LCN's properly from your chosen TV Server as that is what has happened to me, ARgus Recorder has detected the FTA LCNs but Scheduler does not use them. As Ghost5 mentioned, you can manually edit them in scheduler under the channels option or use EPG collector.